What's In a Name?

The name Words and Webs has meaning on several levels. Webs refers to web sites, those Internet entities that all businesses need to compete in today’s economy.

Words has a couple of references. It has long been known that the words on a web site are extremely important. In fact years ago someone coined the phrase, “content is king“. This means that to score well on search engine listings (like Google, Bing, etc.) and to appeal to visitors, a web site must consist of quality, original content. Back when that phrase was created, the main form of content on a web site was the written word. Today “content” has grown to include images, audio files, videos, etc. Nevertheless, words are still the bedrock of quality content and should not be overlooked.

The second reference to Words is the platform (or basis) upon which our web sites are built: WordPress. WordPress was originally used to create blogs. Through many years of development by many talented individuals, nevertheless, it has become a first rate Content Management System (CMS). A CMS enables the owners of a web site to manage their own content. Years ago developers created static HTML sites. If the owners of those sites wanted to change or add material, they had to rehire a developer for the task, unless the owners were familiar with languages like HTML and CSS. With a WordPress based site, content creation and updating is easy using a word processor type of interface. Today WordPress is the basis of over 25 million sites, including note-worthies like CNN, New York Times, Yahoo! and People magazine. See a showcase of WordPress sites. Here’s a WordPress Info-Graphic that displays statistics regarding this platform.

Your Next Steps…

  • Take a look at our previous work. The rotating images at the top of the column to the right (or below if you’re viewing on a mobile device) are of past projects. Mouse over any image to pause the rotation and click on any image to go to that site. Or, click on the “Portfolio” link in the nav bar above for a more in depth look at several of our projects.
  • Determine what functionality you want for your site: specific pages (about us, FAQ, product list, etc.) rotating images, embedded video, blog, contact form, responsive (for mobile devices), testimonials, event calendar, map to place of business, etc.
What kind of “look” do you want for your site?
  • Do you have a color scheme in mind?
  • Do you have a layout in mind?
  • Do you have or want/need a logo?
  • Do any of our previous sites appeal to you?
  • Are there sites you’ve seen on the web that you like? If you have links to those sites, let us know their URL(s).
  • Additionally, here is a link to various themes for your consideration. These are (what are called) child themes of the Builder theme from iThemes. Below each thumbnail is a link to “Live Demo”. Make note of aspects of these sites that appeal to you: the color scheme; the fonts used; the look of the navigation; and/or the general layout. (Note: These theme are not for you to purchase. They are presented to help you get an idea of what “look” you want for your site.)
  • Don’t get too hung up on the over look of the above child themes, since they are considered just a starting point for the creation of your site. For example, this child theme was turned into this final site.

A Final Consideration: To WordPress Or Not…

WordPress is an excellent basis for your site if you want a blog, or any other type of packaged information that can be organized/archived around categories and/or tags (like an ongoing series of articles) or need some of the other great functionality that WP can provide (using plugins, like for an event calendar) or you just want to have more overall control of the content of your site. A WordPress site has certain maintenance considerations, nevertheless, like the need to upgrade the base WP and plugin code as they become available and a need for a comprehensive site backup plan. If you need a site that will be fairly static, with little or no need to continually update the content, then a static, HTML site would be all you need. The main functionality required for either type of site is that it is “responsive”. Responsive to the size of the screen of the device being used to access your site, from iPhone to iPad to laptop.

Finally, if the information on this page motivates you to seek our services in the development of your new web site, complete the basic form to the right to begin the discussion. Or call John at 1-888-853-9693 and leave your name and telephone number for a call back.

Thank you for your consideration