If you’ve ever been asked:

Do you have a web site?

... and you don’t — you’ve just passed up a prospective customer and future business.

Browsers at arts and crafts fairs or through your store often think about what they’ve seen and decide later to purchase. Or they wish they’d bought another one for a gift. Or they’d like you to make one in a different color.

How will they find you again?

The simple answer? Right here at www.craftersrow.com

Crafters’ Row is the online community of artisans that:

  • “holds” your unique arts/crafts-oriented web page on its site, saving
    you yearly hosting fees
  • gives you an Internet presence
  • and does it simply — and affordably

Not having a web site is just not an option these days
— no matter your size!

Here’s how it works:

  • We create a web page dedicated to you and your products
  • You send us up to 8 digital photos of your creations
  • You provide us a short bio about yourself and/or your products — OR —
  • If you prefer, we can write the text for you (extra charge)
  • We give you tips on how to make your page more effective
  • We will make changes for you four times a year to keep your site fresh and updated
  • You use the contact form we design for you to collect information on prospective customers for mailings and other communications
  • You get your very own web address so your customers are connected directly to you when they enter:


This is not a complicated shopping cart concept with extra charges for a go-between. The idea is to have a way for your customers to find and contact you on the Internet. After that, you and your customer can exchange information, collaborate on a customized product, make payment and shipping arrangements, etc.

$120 per year for:

  • Your one-page site on www.craftersrow.com/yourname
  • All hosting fees
  • Uploading up to 8 digital photos, which have been resized and optimized for the Internet
  • Translating your text into Internet language (HTML)
  • Up to FOUR changes per year
  • A contact form that allows you to collect information about visitors to your site and use that to maintain contact with them through mailings about new products, upcoming shows, etc.
  • Add $50 if we write the text for you

Now, be sure to click on Sample Page to see how good your web page could look! Then, just complete the form below, and we’ll contact you about your page.

Contact us today* — and you could be on the web
before your next craft show!

*Check out our Privacy Policy. We never sell or give your information to any third party.

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Question Form

Have a question about how Crafters’ Row will work for you? Visit the Sample Page to see how your page could look. That may answer your questions. If not, please give us the opportunity to clarify. Call John Good at 1-888-853-9693 or submit your question below. If no questions, proceed to the Sign-Up Form.


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