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How Important Can It Be to Find a Realtor® — the Right Realtor®?

Next to making the commitment to move, to find a Realtor® — the right Realtor® — is the most critical decision you face.

You don’t pick a doctor out of a phone book.

You don’t entrust your finances to someone who dabbles in the stock market on the side.

Why would you pick a Realtor® you don’t know — and who doesn’t know you — to help you with a decision that is one of the most important financial investments you’ll ever make — and one that will impact your life for many years to come?

The Right Realtor® is Your Partner

A well-matched real estate agent seems to instinctively understand your needs. When that happens, trust develops and the working relationship becomes a collaboration that helps you:

  • save precious time, money and worry
  • get what you want instead of settling for less
  • feel confident about your choice

Whether you’re buying or selling, our FREE Realty Matching Services will find a Realtor® who mirrors your tastes and can relate to your needs.

Find a Realtor®, Find a Friend

In addition to selecting highly qualified, experienced and active agents, we interview and screen them for personality traits that match yours.

What better way to do business than with someone who shares your sense of humor, your love of travel or music, your focus on family life or even your hobby?

Realty Matching Services pairs you up with an agent who truly pays attention to your interests, your wants, your have-to-haves. Your agent will have the inside track, know the neighborhoods and filter through the leads.

  • Want a mountain home with a sunset view?
  • Need a home in a specific school area?
  • Like to golf — often?
  • Need to sell quickly but not foolishly?
  • Want a real estate agent who’ll appreciate your home and all its amenities?

Get to Your Goal Faster

When you find a Realtor® who understands you and your criteria, you get results faster.

Here's how it works:

Besides filling out a form that lists the basics (your name, contact information, etc.), you complete a Profile so that we get a glimpse of who you are and what you’re looking for in an agent — whether you’re buying or selling.

Then we begin to search our extensive database for agents in the area you’re interested in or the area where you’re selling. Once again, our focus is to find a Realtor® who is a good match with you.

What we do next is what sets us apart from others.

We Make It Personal

Please remember, this is not an automated database search, where your information is plugged into a machine that spits out a name of an agent or two. This is personal.

Finding agents in your area of interest is just the first step. Next, we interview agents who seem to be a match with you. Years of management experience has taught us interview techniques that will get us — and you — to the right Realtor®.

Here’s the Good Part

Next, you complete a more extensive profile — one that will surprise you with its depth. This specially designed profile will hone in on your priorities, your preferences, your interests and your most-desired outcome. You will not find a more comprehensive profile in this business.

Why do we want to go into so much detail? Very simple. We want to find a Realtor® in whom you’ll have confidence — someone who’ll be compatible with your style, your personality and your interests. That’s the way we mark success — with your satisfaction.

What Happens if We Miss?

If it turns out that we missed the mark somehow, we’ll match you with a different agent — until you’re completely happy with the one you’ve chosen.

And, because our commission comes from your matched agent, there’s never a charge to you for any of our matching services. We do charge for our Tour service — and please don’t forget to check this out. What a great way to get to know your new city — from an insider’s viewpoint.

The Locals Know Best

Research has shown that your best chances for success in finding your dream home or selling your current home is to find a local real estate agent — someone who is part of the community and knows the ins and outs of the market you live in or want to live in:

  • Someone who knows what’s happening in that specific area, from zoning to resale values.
  • Someone who understands the local marketplace, no matter what national trends may currently exist.
  • Someone who’ll only be happy when you’re happy with your choice.

Nothing to Lose

Realty Matching Services does all the work for you — and this service is FREE and confidential. We never share your information with a third party (other than the real estate agent with whom we’ve matched you). Read our Privacy Policy for more information.

We understand that time is money, so you have nothing to lose except the worries —

  • about how you’ll get the time to sort through all the listings — your Realty Matching Services agent does that for you.
  • about the right home in the right place at the right price — your agent has closely reviewed your profile and will direct you to homes in your pricing and preference criteria.
  • about how quickly you can sell your home — your agent has the inside track on who’s looking to buy a home like yours, so your traffic is targeted.

Get to Know Us and Your New Home Town

Read About Us to get comfortable with Realty Matching Services. Learn about our philosophy, credentials and our reason for offering this service — we learned the hard way so you don’t have to. We want your trust because it’s only then that we succeed.

And remember to check out our Tours program for an insider’s view of the city where you’d like to live. Even if you’ve visited there often, there’s nothing like taking a tour with someone who really knows the special places — those tucked-away galleries, those local restaurants and those little parks nestled back from the road, with the breathtaking views. Tours are a great way to get to know your potential new hometown better. Click here to learn more.

Ready to get started? Realty Matching Services is looking forward to meeting you.

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